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Perfect Headshot Photography Tips

How many times have you tried taking picture of yourself but couldn’t get the proper framing of your face and the angle that you want? Many people are suffering from this experience when all they want is a perfect headshot photo of themselves or any other people. Inc ase you don’t know, headshot photography is a photographic technique which dwells on the art and beauty of taking pictures focusing on the head of the subject.

In order for you to get the perfect headshot, you will have to master some tips below:

Perfect Headshot Photography Tips1. Put the focus on the subject’s eyes. This may sound easy when you hear it but no, there is yet a piece of it that you may have not mastered that is why your headshots don’t look that attractive. Getting a shot with the subject’s eye focused would be a better shot since the eyes are said to be the window of the soul. Also, through the eyes, people communicate. If you don’t get a clear picture of the eyes, there will be a failure of communication between the subject and it’s viewers. It may capture the photo with strong aura and may attract viewers to stay long in watching your photos.

2. Choose the best angle that could highlight the subject. Remember that angles will definitely affect the result of your images. If you want to achieve the best angles for women, try to shoot from above since the eyes are the primary part that you would want to highlight. Moreover, shooting from a little above, will make their ayes look bigger. However, do the opposite for boys – shoot from a little below. This is to emphasize the strength and achievement they had.

3. Diffused light will be of big help. Since headshot are most of the


time close up shots, you will need to also learn how to highlight the skin as it is also a central feature. ThePerfect Headshot Photography Tips skin should at least be without blemishes. You can easily achieve this by using a diffused light wrapped around the skin. This will now bring the definition along the lines of the face but it would not highlight blemishes.

4. Use of Lens. – As a general rule, when you take headshots, never use fish eye lenses as it will just distort the image. Also, avoid mid to wide angle lenses. For best photos, use a lens that will not make your subject look fat but instead, slim – 90mm and above would do.

5. Guide your subject to the right expression intended for the shoot. – Expressions also help in bringing the best of your photos. Help your model communicate to the viewers by guiding them to the correct expression you would want to appear in the photos. You can do this psychologically through the use of praises and complimenting conversations. If you crack a joke, you can then capture a genuine smile.

It would be best to follow every step here so that you will achieve your desired image. Above are just some of the headshot photography tips that will enable you to somehow, have a perfect headshot.

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